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I'm so sorry for the long update. But hope this article may help your Pattaya's trip.
On the next day before I left Pattaya, I visited Mini Siam Pattaya, I can say this place looks like a mini park with full of miniature-landmark-icon from almost all around the world and of course they also have another session of park with full of Thailand’s temples, airport, historical places with short-descriptions too.
Right you enter this park, you'll see lot's of At European's landmarks

It’s pretty cool I think, especially for school’s trip.
You gain knowledges while having fun.
Anyways, I visited this park around 10.30 AM in the morning, that's why I can avoid crowded/photobooms.
Miniature of Bangkok's Temples

  • Choose weekdays when visit here to avoid crowds,
  • Before enter the park, you can buy the ticket there / by Klook apps for cheaper price.
  • Visit as early as possible because it may be very hot on during the day.
  • Don’t forget to bring umbrella/ caps and apply sunblock.
  • Bring your own water bottles.
  • It has canteen anyaway.
  • For you who want to predict how many hours to spend at this park, it took 1.5-2hours for me to walk along and take pictures.

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Hai readers, 2018 is amazing year, although I haven’t complete all my resolutions and goals but at least I’ve learned some new things in this year. For you who’re on the same boat with me, don’t get down! Even we haven’t complete most of all but at least we don’t stop and gain new things through them! Always be grateful and cheers up guys! it’s almost the end of the 2018 and have you prepare for 2019?
The always say “New year, New me!” So, I wanna introduce to you my new baby palette to start my 2019;
There’re a lot of variant and mine is "#04 – Wine Burgundy” it has 6  tone of attractive colors and also consists of 3 types which are MATTE, SHIMMER and GLITTER!
Personally, I love this palette because it’s very compact and as it said, “one shot”, you can make natural/glam eye makeup look just in one palette, not only that.. you can use this palette for filling your eyebrow makeup and shading, cool right?
the packaging is very compact

Gold Clutch - Nude Chiffon - Burgundy Heel
Rose Satin - Cappuccino velvet - Wine Silk
Anyways, you can get this product with SPECIAL PRICE only at my charis shop: 

For the matte and shimmer types, they have vivid pigmentation! but for the wine silk color is not a dark purple color as I expect, it turns out like dark chocolate color instead. And for the glitter, it doesn’t give you a pigmented gold shimmer like you think but a soft glam glitter instead. But I love the result, it make your eyes more awake and for you who like to add some glitter without looking too heavy, you gonna love this palette.

The texture is super soft and finish with nice spreading. Not too powdery and doesn’t have many fall out. Easy to blend and not flaky at all. I admit it!

As I said just now, you can make a lot of eyemakeup style just in one palatte, so I approve this!
For you who are still beginner in makeup, this palette is a perfect choice. You can use only one color to get a fresh look. Personally, I love the nude chiffon and rose satin. Sometimes I only use one of those colors for my everyday eye makeup look. The color pops up nicely on my lids and I don’t need to waste a lot of time to keep apply/build up the color.

Beside of the various color that almost can make a lot of eye makeup look, it also very compact and easy to bring on your pouch when travelling. Even you forget to bring your brush, you can apply it only with your finger and it will blend nicely!

I tested to use in one whole day without eye primer and the color can stay from morning to evening (around 9hours) it’s quite good toh because I don’t use eye primer! Maybe if i use eye primer it can stay longer.

Lastly, to welcoming 2019, I made this look that I will gonna wear it on my very first occasion in 2019 later,
I use Nude Chiffon for base, Burgundy heel for outer corner and Gold Clutch on my lids

Hai!! Still remember the hype event that I told you on my previous blog?
Yeps! BRUNBRUNPARIS ROADSHOW EVENT that happened last week with Rachel Goddard as our special guest and lots of fun activities that I never done before, it was totally fun!
Also, there’s a mini-stage with special band performance and we’re welcomed with sweettooth from Bel Mondo’s CafĂ©. My first impression: Wow! I never knew they will treat us so special.

Firstly, they introduced us about their top best seller items and the newest ULTIMATED BEAUTY MAKEUP PALETTE. I was so amazed on the first sight! Not only how compact it is, but also it incudes of pigmented-eyeshadows, creamy-lipstick’s plates, powder and a little shimmer blush in ONE PACK! And lastly, it comes with super affordable price,only 99K ! Cool right?
Not only that, I also get impressed with the magic pink blush, check out to nearest store and prove it!

After the introduction-sessions, we finally jumped to the most anticipated of the show, it’s MAKEUP DEMO by RACHEL GODDARD with BRUNBRUNPARIS. With her unique trademark of introductions, I enjoyed so much and of course I learned a lot of things about tips and tricked about makeup and also we have QnA sessions lho!
Recap of Rachel Goddard's Makeup Demo
And lastly is Game’s Session. We’re divided into 5 group and I’m in Pink Magic Blush group and our tasks’re buy any makeup and fashion items in BrunBrunParis’ Store that will enchance your glam party look but in limited time and money. I was in makeup team and of course I chose eyeliner and ULTIMATED BEAUTY MAKEUP PALETTE without thinking twice cause it’s include almost all your makeup-needs in one pack! Very easy, compact and cheap!
Even our team didn’t win, but at least everyone did the best and supported each other cause girls just wanna have fun and enjoy the good-food! Cheers to my team!
complete the mission and you will get the tickets to enter the last mission
Lastly, thankyou BrunBrunParis and Beauty Journal for invited me to this fun event!

To see more fun and the recap of my mini video in this event, CLICK ME!

Hai beloved readers, Christmas is almost coming and have you prepare for your celebration’s days? as always December will be the most memorable-months of the year (for me) cause there’ll be a lot of special-occasion happening due to celebrate end of year and lot’s of christmas’ vibes!
Oh ya, There will be  one special occasion that will happen soon!
It’s BrunBrunParis’ Roadshow event
on 8th of December in Mall Centre Point,Medan. 
Don’t forget to come and see the hype ya!

Anyway, have you prepare any ideas of makeup for your special occasion’s day? Cause I’m gonna let you know one of my favourite product from BrunBrunParis that you will love it too!

To simplify, this is a multi-function 3 in 1 ways product for your eyes, cheek and lip. It’s amazing, doesn’t it? Usually, I’m not very impressive with 3in1 products cause I think they will not work well. But,after I know BRUNBRUNPARIS’ LIP CHEEK EYE COLOR, I change my mind. This is my first favourite 3in1 product that I’ve ever have lho! And now you might think,  Is this product really that good?” or “Are you sure it can blend well?” Oh well, So here’s I will tell my honest-reviews for you:

Civilized - Jetset - Classical - Innocent - Entrapment - Elite
  • The packaging is so simple, made of hick-plastic-glass and you can directly see-through the color in it.
  • About the texture, It’s not watery. It’s like velvety-cream. It smells like sweet candy anyway.
  • Lightweight and transfer-able.
  • Blend-able! this product really easy to blend, no wonder it can be use for your eyes/cheek/lips.
  • As a lippie, it’s not too longlasting and waterproof cause this product can’t stain (that’s why it’s very easy to blend). But It won’t cause dryness on your skin (I apply it on my dry lips and suprisely it blend well and doesn’t stand up crack lips!).
  • It also comes with various of colors and for me, most of the colors are wearable. I love this kind of variant color because I don’t need to put lot of efforts in makeup too match the lipsticks color.
  • This product is a good investment guys! It costs IDR 45,900 (2018) and just with one product you already get your eyeshadows, blush/bronzer and lipstick in one set! Whoo! I love it.
  • You can get this product in every BrunBrunParis’ Store in Indonesia. Check on their website to keep updated! (CLICK ME!)

Civilized - BBLCEC10
Civilized -BBLCEC10 as my eyesshadows
Jetset - BBLCEC11
Classical - BBLCEC12
Innocent - BBLCEC13
Entrapment - BBLCEC14
Elite - BBLCEC15

Read more about BrunBrunParis’s Product :

Another great trip for this year! I visited Pattaya, Bangkok on September 2018 with my travel's partners and it was so damn fun of course. Why? Because this is my very first time visit Bangkok.
If Bangkok is too ordinary for your travel'plans, let's go to Pattaya! It takes 3-4hours from Bangkok City by Vans (yes, you can rent a private vans/car for your trips).
For Pattaya, it's not too crowded and the weather is less hot than Bangkok City. I don't really recommend you to do shopping here cause things are a little bit expensive than the city, so what I suggest you to do here is: Enjoy the sight!
I spent 2 days 1 night in Pattaya and I can say it's more than enough especially for you who never been here.
My first stop when I arrived in Pattaya is:
This place is famous of wine tasting and the huge garden with lots of plants  which is impossible for you to walk by.

so what you should do is buy the entrance ticket which is already include a bottle of grape juice at the end of your trips.
There's a mini truck/bus that will pick you up and guide you around the park. there's a lot of spot to take pictures! I suggest you to bring sunblock, umbrella, cardigan or anything that will protect you from sunburn  because there's no way indoor at here. so come earlier to avoid the sunny sun. You can google it for the operation-hours and the entrance fee.

get your grape juice or wine at here
After done exploring SilverLake, We went to Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain), it's located right beside Silverlake only or takes 5-10mins by car! 
Not much you can do here, just enjoy the Buddha Mountain with gold lining and pray. But for you who never been here, you should come cause it's FREE entrance! maybe you can stop by and have your meal here.

So you might guess, is this the end of Trip of exploring Pattaya? No.. noo..
Stay tuned on my next blog cause there're still a lot of place in Pattaya I'll recommend you!