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Yes! Finally I got my first SOCOBOX from Sociolla and this time is collaboration with BrunBrunParis.
For your information, BrunBrunParis was known as Sophie Paris Indonesia before. Most of the products were made by local craftsmen with highest qualities and what make BrunBrunParis unique is; they claim that “We have fan not customer, if you’re not happy with the products, you can return it and we receive it with smile”. (source: )
That was short story about BrunBrunParis. Nah, back to main topic because I’m gonna review all the items I got here.

Well, the items I got is from BrunBrun Paris which are;
1.  Daily Cleanser
2. Daily Moisturizer 
3. Lip Cheek Eye Color
4. Micellar Water Make Up Remover
5. 2 kind of Peel off Mask

BrunBrunParis Daily Cleanser
the packaging of the daily cleanser and moisturizer is almost the same.

  • This cleanser is concern for oily skin type which is my skin type also,
  • The packaging is so cute and travel-friendly indeed.
  • You can use this cleanser around 15-20times, that’s why I say this is a great product to bring when travelling.
  • Talking about the texture, it’s so mild and creamy, just put a generous amount on your finger and it’s enough to wash your whole face, the orange scent will come out and it gives me a relaxation feeling.
  • After rinse with lukewarm water, I can feel how soft and oily-free my face is.
  • But if you decided to use this cleanser as daily skincare routine, I think it’s quite wasted to keep on buying the product in travel size. I hope they have a bigger size that comes in bottle.

BrunBrunParis Daily Moisturizer
  • Honestly, I love this product so much, beside you can use it as daily moisturizer, you can use this as your base makeup, because after you apply on your skin, it quicks to be absorbed and set on your face. So there’re no sticky finish even the texture is very creamy and your face ready to be put on any makeup.
  • About the packaging, it’s almost same with the daily cleanser. So read carefully before you apply the product.
  • Still it win a plus point from me because even I’ve used it for a day, it doesn’t clog my pores that cause pimples! Also, you only need a generous amount of the product to moist your whole face a day! I love it so much!

BrunBrunParis Micellar Water

  • It has strong scent of fruits and I don’t really like it as a micellar water.
  • It comes in 100ml plastic bottle which is great to bring travelling.
  • Talking about how effective the product is; it quiet hard to take off my waterproof makeup. Therefore I suggest you to use this only for daily makeup with thin layer (eg: only using loose powder).  I tried using this product on my foundation and concealer but it doesn’t work so well on my skin neither.
  • Although the result may not really satisfying, at least it doesn’t give a burning effect on my skin.
  • Sadly to say, I don’t really recommend this product to clean heavy makeup.

BrunBrunParis Peel Off Mask
  • I got 2 type of Peel Off Mask;
  • Peel Off Mask Reviving Black Mud - “Peel off mask black mud derived from natural ingredients, contains Antioxidant and minerals helps to rejuvenates the skin and make it looks clear and youthful” 
  • Peel Off Mask Moisturizing Strawberry – “Peel off mask with strawberry and milk extract is specifically formulated to remove dirt while providing moisturization”.
  • Both mask are for normal to dry skin
  • It’s very easy to use;  apply the product all over your clean face and wait around 20mins until it dry and ready to be peel off. After that, don’t forget to rinse your face using warm water.
  • I don’t really like the scent of these masks. They smell like rubber/alcohol and I can feel burning effect awhile after I applied the product over my face.
  • You can use these mask until 2 times only because of the mini size.
  • About the result, I don’t really think it works effectively on my skin. Even it gives a refresh finish but my blackheads still left.

BrunBrunParis Lipstick

  • It claims that you can use this as eyeshadows, blush and lipstick and I got exposed color which is red color and I super love it!
  • The texture is very creamy and matte-powdery -finish, the product is not longlasting and not waterproof/stain because it’s meant to be easy blend when you use it as eyeshadows or blush.
  • What made me more in love with this product are, it comes with cheap price (only IDR 39,000), good scent smell and doesn’t make my lips crack. You can also do ombre-lips using this product too! I don’t mind if it’s not longlasting because girls always do touch up right?
  • I'm super recommend this product! It comes in various colour also.
swatched of BrunBrunParis in exposed colour
Well,not only makeup or skincare that BrunBrunParis got. You can check to their offline store too to do window shopping for bag, wallet, purse and many more! Thankyou Sociolla and BrunBrunParis for sending me this special box! I think I will repurchase some items because I love it so much!

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