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Continuing my last blog (Click Me! )
I'm so sorry for the long update. But hope this article may help your Pattaya's trip.
On the next day before I left Pattaya, I visited Mini Siam Pattaya, I can say this place looks like a mini park with full of miniature-landmark-icon from almost all around the world and of course they also have another session of park with full of Thailand’s temples, airport, historical places with short-descriptions too.
Right you enter this park, you'll see lot's of At European's landmarks

It’s pretty cool I think, especially for school’s trip.
You gain knowledges while having fun.
Anyways, I visited this park around 10.30 AM in the morning, that's why I can avoid crowded/photobooms.
Miniature of Bangkok's Temples

  • Choose weekdays when visit here to avoid crowds,
  • Before enter the park, you can buy the ticket there / by Klook apps for cheaper price.
  • Visit as early as possible because it may be very hot on during the day.
  • Don’t forget to bring umbrella/ caps and apply sunblock.
  • Bring your own water bottles.
  • It has canteen anyaway.
  • For you who want to predict how many hours to spend at this park, it took 1.5-2hours for me to walk along and take pictures.

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